The ghost story

Mien and Sara had summer holidays and were looking at brochures at the kitchen table. “I’m so excited to go on vacation,” said Sara.

“Well, otherwise I will,” replied Mien as she leafed through the brochure.

They both let out a deep sigh, everything was so expensive and that made it not easy to make a good choice.

“Shall we take a break and grab some treats?”

“Okay,” said Sara. “Mmmm, there’s not much left, we have to go shopping.”

“That can also add up to even more expenses”.

“Did you also receive a text from Tom about his new house?” Mien asked.

“Yeah, we went over the weekend anyway.” “You know what, I facetime him”.

Mien took her mobile and at the same moment Tom walked in.

He sat down at the kitchen table and grabbed a cookie. “You know, you were supposed to come and stay for the weekend, right?”

“Yes,” Sara said, “we’re really looking forward to that.”

“Well, last night I had such a strange experience, I think the house is haunted!” I hear all sorts of strange noises in the basement.

Oh wow. We need to investigate that. “I’m all for that, and you Mien?” Sarah said.

“No, no, I don’t want any of that”, said Mien anxious. And why, she thought, but she didn’t say, why investigate, it’s not safe.

“Aren’t you coming?” I don’t think it’s haunted, you’ll see there’s a logical explanation for it. We bring equipment to record the sounds,” said Sara.

“Can you come tonight already?” “Tyler’s here too,” Tom asked.

“No, we can’t tonight, we’re going to my grandmother’s to see how she is”.

“Tomorrow is good, I don’t think we have anything left then, Sara?”

“No, we have nothing on the agenda”, replied Mien

Sara and Mien helped grandma unpack her groceries.

“How was shopping, grandma?” Mien asked

“Good, I was even able to cross on the zebra crossing, which doesn’t happen very often”.

Grandma walked to the living room with the walker and Mien and Sara followed with chocolate cake and tea.

“This time,” said Grandma, it was a kind lady who let me cross. Many people, she continued, “are not aware of the fact that you can also be kind simply by letting someone else cross the street”.

“What do you mean grandma?” Mien asked.

“It seems like a lot of people don’t understand what the system is based on.” “Stopping for someone else” sends a signal. A signal of friendliness, safety and a moment of their time,” Grandma replied.

“That is profound grandma”, laughed Mien.

“I never looked at it that way,” Sara said. “Rules made on the basis of being kind to another”.

“Not only for someone else, you also benefit from it yourself”, said grandma. “It gives you the peace and space to continue doing your own thing, without offending anyone.”

 Crossing the road is a big challenge for grandma, she often compared it to a survival trip.

The next day Mien and Sara arrived at Tom’s house. 

The evening went pleasantly.

“Shall we have another nightcap,” said Sara. Everyone was still in the mood for one last drink.

“What about the noises you mentioned, are they still bothering you?” Sara asked.

Tom replied, “I haven’t heard anything since I told you.”

“We can have a séance to see if they are ghosts.”

“No,” said Mien, “there is no such thing as ghosts at all.” Maybe it’s dangerous, she thought to herself.

Tyler joined the conversation, “I think it’s a good idea”. I sleep better at night without all that noise.” “Who votes for it?”

Most votes count and they went to the basement

In the basement was an old round table with old-fashioned chairs. Sara drew the curtains on the windows and lit the candles. They all sat down at the table.

Tyler grabbed his construction helmet and put it on his head.

“What is that good for?” Mien asked

“Poltergeists,” Tyler replied.

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